About of Nakayama Laboratory

Introduce an outline of Nakayama Laboratory.

A subject of research
A research of the relation between a learnning behavior and the special quality of human
Our research is evaluation that analyze a primary factor the supecial quality of be concerned learning behavior and the relation between learner and enviornment and so forth besed on take up a human learning behavior.
In all cases, examin by way of experiment. As concrete performance of learning behavior, we value take up the indices of organism and action level that a learning result, subjective valuation to learn, eye tracking, reaction time, and so on. And, we take up various special qualities from depending a task to environmental primary factor which as a primary factor affect these performances. Moreover, for research subjects are vision recognition, display, and understanding language that objective education and communication support system.
A style of research
Evaluation learning behavior with eye tracking and behavioral measure
The effect of an educational media system on learning,The effect of a learning environment to learning and work,Mental work load,Evaluation interface.

Evaluation a picture of the organism index (viewpoint movement, the pupil size, blink, brian waves, face skin temperature, etc.) / Evaluation the environment and work / Measure an indication effect about reaction time and read aloud speed / Expression as learner / Apply and examine of mathematical model for exmple ANN
Examine the learning process from cognitional approach
Process of perception and learn,Examination mechanism, Examination analyze the process and improvement method of learning and work ,
Examination concrned with recognition and indication of view information,

Experimentation of learning cognition / View information processsing / Vision cognition / Stereoscopic vison, / Object recognition / Display evaluation / Indication method and understanding
Examination concerned with language information on educaton
Language expression・the relation between symbol and understanding,Concept expression on language,Informaton refer support,Classify literature and Web information,

Learning information / Statistical property of language / Understanding language / Natural language / Information reference / Indexing
Reserch based on learning result and subjective valuation
Value learning system and method lesson・learn,Examinaton learning effect and use of education media, etc.

Develop a method of examination learning / Remote education system / Education training system / Internet / Image examination / Quantitatively model
Please compare the sbuject of research whose laboratory members and cmpletions・graduates about concrete subject of researches.

Call for participants!
We want who tackle a subuject of research with flexible adaptation and interested in value recognition and behavior of human. Details is to Nakayama

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